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Baby gazing at sky Day By Day Baby Title

Day by Day Baby is a Los Angeles-based photographic company that preserves your precious baby's earliest moments in art-quality images.

Your infant deserves more than casual snaps from cell phones and consumer cameras. We have spent years behind the lens learning to capture infants’ iconic moments with impeccable technical accuracy and deep emotional resonance.

Newborns communicate their distinct personalities through unguarded facial expressions and vigorous gestures. Our talent lies in anticipating a baby's smile and recognizing the patterns of his or her unique movements, while choosing just the right angle, lighting, and focus to compose powerful images. We are constantly refining this approach and learn and grow with every shoot.

The process is family-friendly and time-tested -- delivering consistently beautiful results. We use subtle electric or pure natural lighting, a minimum of equipment, and our own confident, respectful presence to put baby and parents at ease. The shoots are fun, non-stressful and creative events that bring families closer.

We are honored to meet your new baby and produce meaningful, treasured photography that you will be proud to share. No matter how many years pass, we guarantee that you’ll never forget where it all started.TM

Bonds between mother and baby cannot be broken
Child at play on swing
A time for play
A time for rest
Infant sleeping with doll
Young girl with flower
Discovering a new world
Treasured moments
Baby smiling in car seat
Newborn infant sleeps on mother
Life's sweet beginnings
A holiday spirit
Baby sits in pumpkin patch with fairy costume
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